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A Half Century Designing of Mario
A Half Century Designing of Mario

How did your career start with furniture design? I was asked to design a piece of furniture, the first in my life, for an exhibition. So I made a simple dining table of plywood. I showed it to Cesare Cassina READ MORE



How to Select The Best Ergonomic Reclining Chair? Buying guide

Are you fed of searching for the best ergonomic reclining chair? Well you aren’t the only one! Almost everyone who goes to work wants to make sure that they have the best ergonomic reclining chair for their needs. Why break your READ MORE



5 Dazzling Tips On How To Get To Sleep: Recliner chair and Sofa bed can help!!!

Any sleep problem? Are you facing problems in gaining sleep at night? Do you feel tired at the end of the day and yet do not attain sleep? You should not resort to popping pills to gain sleep but you READ MORE